Monday, 6 February 2017

Building phase


Fuselage sides
Undercarriage and control cut-outs
Fuselage under construction
Fuselage top view
Bottom view
Front bottom view
Fuselage nose
Control stick


Just before covering

 Rear wing

Wing during construction
Top close-up

Front wing

Wing awaiting balsa covering rib fronts 
Wing centre with fuel tank bays and oil can mounting bracket
Before final covering
Wing tip
Fuel tanks and oil tank installed
Brass fuel tanks and oil tank made from oil can


3-D printed engine parts
Just foundry work ...
... after a metallic spray coating
3-D printed small parts: exhaust manifolds, decompression valves and  levers, various oil nipples, carburettor pieces, spark plugs, ignition cable exit box, tachometer pick-off
Engine dummy with built-in electric motor